A New Breed of SUV – GMC Terrain

Over the years, people have come to consider vehicles as falling, solidly, into specific classes. Sedans, trucks, vans, hatchbacks, SUVs … these are all rigid classifications, with baked-in strengths and weaknesses, right?

Well, this used to be the case, sure, but times change, and cross overs like the GMC Terrain bring in the best of two worlds – sedans and SUVs, and for the most part, they shed all the drawbacks of either quite effectively as well. GMC is of course renowned for their thinking outside the box, but also in keeping these experiments within the bounds of practicality, reasonability and all-around desirability.

With the GMC Terrain, you get something truly unique that will make you rethink what an SUV really is, and what defines this class of vehicle. Of course, in this modern age, the first thing of interest is going to be what new technologies it brings to the road, and it’s no slouch in this department, by any means.

With a futuristic dash display, you’ve got access to hands-free computing, communications, GPS and entertainment, but it goes above and beyond that. With advanced sensors and logic, it can provide safe parking, safe backing up, lane keeping assistance, collision alerts, and driver attention aids that keep you, your loved ones, and other drivers safer than ever. Combined with excellent anti-lock brakes and crumple zones, as well as multiple airbags, you know you’re safe as houses on the road, and you cannot put a price tag on that.

It doesn’t stop there, the Terrain offers excellent engine power, and an 8-foot object transport capacity, as well as seating for five passengers and ample cargo capacity. Plus, drivers will enjoy a luxurious, comfortable interior and with leg room that’s unmatched by any similar vehicle on the road.

This is the SUV of the future, but it’s available right now, at a price that’d shock you (in a good way). You should definitely come on over to Kasper Buick GMC in Sandusky and experience this new definition of luxury SUV, and rethink what it means to own an SUV. You’ll settle for nothing less afterward.

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