Buick Regal is Confident in Any Weather

Advancements in technology have made it possible more now than ever before to have close to complete awareness of your surroundings. Not all cars come equipped with sensors to alert a long list of potential collision hazards as well as luxurious interiors. In that respect, the 2014 Buick Regal is exceptional.

Because we know the weather here in Sandusky, OH can get a little snowy, the Buick Regal is already prepared for winter. The difference with an intelligent all-wheel drive system means these wheels are constantly being monitored by sensors, so the moment slippage occurs, the car is already counteracting with additional power to wheels with traction so you get back on your path of travel faster and more safely than with a lesser driving system.

The technology infused in to the entire Buick Regal does not end there. In the Regal GS, you can choose your driving style depending on the conditions and your mood. Standard, Sport, or GS mode means you essentially customize the suspension and steering sensitivity. When you sync your smartphone into the infotainment system, you can field calls and direct commands with your voice, as the car is tuned to understand natural speech patterns.

Safety technology acts to keep you aware of all that is around you, even if you cannot see it. Adaptive cruise control paces to match the speed of traffic, and sensors keep eyes on the lane lines so you know when someone else gets too close, or you start to stray.

For a closer look at all the technology and comforts the 2015 Buick Regal has to offer, come in to Kasper Buick GMC today.

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