GMC Canyon is Ready for the Snow

In case you were starting a season of hibernation under a rock somewhere, Thanksgiving is less than a week away. And this means a few things to us here at Kasper Buick GMC. First, get ready for a few weeks full of travel to see all of the friends and family for holiday gatherings between now and the New Year. And second, get ready for all the best of the winter weather Mother Nature can give us. It has already been an early start with a few icy blasts around the country, thanks to a polar vortex that insists on treating some regions to spa-like warmth while the rest of the nation is plunged to chilly winds. Prepare for the weather and a season of travel in the capable and surprisingly drivable 2015 GMC Canyon.

With all the details you want from a truck, it is surprisingly nimble. Instead of worrying about your girth behind the wheel, this truck performs admirably through snow and dirt to get over adverse conditions, so you can hurry up and make it on time to carve the turkey. The cabin is quiet and comfortable, to help pass longer journeys with ease. Storage compartments throughout the cabin keep your belongings orderly and stowed while you are on the go, and with multiple USB ports and an outlet, you can keep all of your electronics fully charged while you travel.

Come in to our Sandusky, OH dealership today for an up-close and personal look at one of the best trucks on the roads.

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