Be Safer and Get Hands-Free in the Acadia

The holidays are nearly here! That means a few things. First, it means that there are a few trips left to the mall and shopping centers, since the internet shopping is not only getting stressfully down to the wire, but packages are getting backed up for delivery all over the country. So there are those short trips. Then there are the trips to the grocery stores right before the holidays to get everything you need for a proper feast, whether you are hosting or traveling over field and hills to see friends and family. Then the traveling to those gatherings requires time and planning, and of course there is no telling what the weather will hold in a few weeks' time. Instead of trying to do all of this on your own, get an ally with you when on the road, and get in to the 2015 GMC Acadia. With intelligent features like the infotainment system that syncs with your smartphone, being connected while on the road has never been so easy or safe.

With the synced smartphone and infotainment providing all you could need while on the go, you can forget fumbling around for an ancient map when driving to the in-laws' house. Put an end to the radio wars when the whole family is bickering about a selection with a final say, as you control that from the steering wheel, just like all of the other smart functions.

Come in to Kasper GMC Buick today, and see how you like driving more safely with hands-free technology around Sandusky, OH.

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