Take on the Terrain in Winter

The last thing you want to worry about during the winter months is whether or not your car can make it back home. Snow and ice can impede travel anytime, but the worst is when you are stuck somewhere away from home. Even the best small sedans with AWD can have a tough time in severe weather, merely because of their size. This winter, do not let Mother Nature keep you from getting home, and instead opt for the compact SUV that can tackle it all, the GMC Terrain.

This vehicle is truly perfectly sized. From the inside, you might guess you were in a much larger SUV based on the passenger comfort and cargo space. The rear bench features a 60/40 split so you can customize the space as you need it. Ambient lighting and available heated front seats put everyone at ease, as comfort comes standard.

With premium speakers within the cabin, you might just forget that the outside world is a loud and imposing place, thanks to the acoustic insulation of the interior. Triple sealed doors and laminated glass mean that you hear what you want to, not the chaos of the world beyond. The V6 engine is capable and can tow, with the available trailering package. Of course, the all-wheel drive gives traction to the wheels with grip to keep you on your path of travel.

You do not have to take us at our word. Come on in to Kasper Buick GMC for a test drive of the new GMC Terrain today, and see for yourself how it holds up to the weather around Sandusky, OH.

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